Vogue Aerospace & Defense, Inc. 

is about New Trends through Unique Innovative Concepts and New Pioneering Fields. It's all about working on...


 MISSION (New space)

   Primary mission for NEW SPACE is focused on maximizing launch vehicle performance, minimizing launch costs, quick turnaround time and bring to market a new series of  truly innovative In-Space Propulsion Systems allowing for better cost-effective, Deep-Space colonization & exploration missions.

about us

  Not interested in current classical architectures and expensive complex designs/methods. NEW SPACE  is about better, smarter options and practical cost-effective solutions. We will open new markets and solely the extremely best, unmatched products will be designed, developed and introduced.

  Initially, seven truly innovative products for NEW SPACE & DEFENSE are in the works; clear attention was given on not to make and "serve the same old meals".